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Step by Step Admissions Process

STEP 1 - Submit an Application

  • You can begin your pre-enrollment process by submitting an application.  This form will serve to open your enrollment file and give the necessary information to verify your eligibility and funding for therapy. Once your application is received, you will be required to submit requested clinical paperwork regarding your child's diagnosis for funding and eligibility processing.

STEP 2 - Service Eligibility and Funding Verification

  • After receiving your child's application and diagnostic records, Reach will submit your file for verification. There is no guarantee of coverage for services, at any time if insurance or Autism Scholarship does not pay for services; the fees are the responsibility of the patient or patient's guardian. We do accept cash paying clients, however Medicaid is not accepted at this time.

STEP 3 - Clinic Tour and Intake Meeting

  • While your eligibility and benefits verification is processing, we will arrange a visit to our clinic and meeting with a Clinical Supervisor. This a great way to check out our facility and speak with professionals who will be able to address any questions you may have about the services we provide. If you are interested in home based ABA Therapy you will take this time to meet with a BCBA to learn more about those services.  

STEP 4 - File Completion and Enrollment

  • If you decide to enroll with Reach and we have confirmed eligibility for services and funding you will be asked to provide any outstanding documentation in order to complete your child's file.  ​You will also be notified at this time of any wait-list times for the specific program that you are enrolling your child in.

STEP 5 - Service Initiation

  • When your file is complete, Reach will schedule a parent orientation meeting. At this meeting, your child's therapy start date will be confirmed and his/her file finalized. Required policies, procedures, consents and acknowledgement will be reviewed and documented at this time. 


  • In addition to the enrollment application, please find below is a list of documents that you may be asked to provide throughout the intake process.  What you are asked to provide will depend upon what funding source you will be using to cover the cost of services.​

    • Copy of Health Insurance Card (if applicable)

    • Copy of most recent IEP

    • Copy of most recent ETR

    • Copy of Evaluation Report showing Autism diagnosis

    • Completed Autism Scholarship Application (if applicable)

    • Homeschool Notification Form

    • Proof of Address (e.g.: utility/phone/cable bill)

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