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Program Overview

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the most comprehensive and effective approach to improving the lives of children with autism. The ABA approach uses a mixture of psychological, educational, and developmental techniques based upon the needs of your child. This includes teaching social, motor, language, communication, and cognitive skills. 


With in-home ABA programs, your child works one-on-one with a behavior therapist for 15 or more hours each week.  The program is developed and overseen by a Behavior Analyst who also supervises the behavior therapist working with your child. Your child's program will address IEP goals/objectives as well as learning targets that are identified through initial assessment and evaluation.



Initial and Ongoing Assessment

Reach utilizes the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning skills (ABLLS) as well as the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment & Placement Program (VB-MAPP).  We utilize these assessments to drive instructional programming and to track skill development.  Ongoing data collection procedures are implemented across all program objectives and IEP goals.  Progress reports are provided on a quarterly basis to our families.  



ABA Program Components 

Each child's ABA program will include learning targets that specifically address IEP objectives.  Additionally, they will have learning targets that are indicated following the ABLLS or VB-MAPP assessment.  Programs will typically include the following types of learning targets:

  • Language development and communication skills

  • Fine and gross motor skills

  • Academic skills

  • Self care skills

  • Social skills

  • Play skills

  • Behavior skills


A wide variety of curriculum and learning materials are utilized to meet each clients needs.  All materials that are needed to meet the ABA program learning targets will be provided by Reach.



Establishing Services

Once you have decided to set up an in-home ABA program for your child an initial evaluation will be set up.  Additionally, a supervising Behavior Analyst will be assigned to your child and they will conduct a record review.  Following your child's assessment and record review, the Behavior Analyst will design the educational program that will be implemented by the Behavior Therapist in your home.  A weekly therapy schedule will be established, along with a bi-monthly team meeting schedule.   



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